Thank you for sending us the two images of the Adena Earthwork (I’ll call it Fort Reserve, using the name given on the Indian Springs plot, or more simply the earthwork). I have superimposed the plots to more accurately place Fort Reserve (see image above). There are slight discrepancies in the two plots, particularly with the location of the unbuilt portion of Yaronia Drive South. Based on these plots, the Ravinia article (Fall 2003/Winter 2004 issue), and some local information, I’d like to make the following comments and observations:


1. The Wynding Drive subdivision (all houses on Wynding Dr) is named The Fort Reserve Subdivision, after the earthwork.


2. The Indian Springs plot shows a proposed street named Wyandotte Drive (between unbuilt Tionda Drive and Yaronia Drive South). Could this be a possible explanation why Wynding Drive is spelled with a ‘y’ — a variation of Wyandotte?


3. The Indian Springs plot shows the earthwork a bit north and slightly east of the colored circle on the GIS plot.


4. From the Ravinia description: The earthwork consisted of a 400 foot diameter circular embankment with a contiguous inner ditch in 1953 the embankment was only 2 feet high and about 17 feet wide. Within the embankment were two mounds.  The first, near the SSE edge of the earthwork was 6 feet high and 60 feet in diameter. The second, near the NNE edge of the earthwork contained a burial site and a circle of post holes about 40 feet in diameter.


5. From my examination of the Ravinia diagram, I believe that the northern mound was about 60 feet in diameter and the southern mound was smaller, about 30 feet in diameter.


6. The superimposed plots show the embankment center located a few feet north of where the driveway of 4017 meets Wynding Drive (I’ll use house numbers to avoid confusion; all addresses are on Wynding Drive).


7. The center of the southern mound is on the SE corner of 3999, about 15 feet from the curb line.


8. The center of the northern mound is in the front yard of 4032, about  6 feet east of the large boulder on the curb.


9. The opening of the earthwork appears to be located in the back yard of 4029 and slightly north to 4039. This concerns me, since the terrain drops off very steeply in this yard 20 to 30 feet into the ravine. I assume that the earthwork would be located entirely on the high ground (on nearly level terrain).  For this reason, I wonder if the true location of the earthwork might be 15 to 30 feet east of the plotted location. This would place the opening on more level ground (near the rear walls of 4029 and 4039).


10. The terrain covered by the earthwork is now extremely level (varying by only a foot or two). Much of the leveling could be recent, resulting from grading during the construction in the mid-1950’s. For example, a mature red oak tree in front of 4029 grows from a 2 foot deep tree well, suggesting that the front yard was raised by that amount.


I am interested in any comments you may have.


Tom Tucker